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"WowThemesNet has been a great partner in supporting my nearly 20 websites. Technical support has been fabulous, consice, providing just the right amount of technical information to fix the issue without overwhelming technical jargon that would overwhelm me. I cannot say enough about the great work these fine technicians and would provide on unconditional rating."
Mark E. Towner - President & CEO TownerCorp Inc, US
"The support that was received from Sal was nothing short of world class! He worked through the issue I was having with the template and made adjustments as needed. Due to his super fast responses, it felt as though we were using an instant messaging service instead of e-mail! Bravo! I highly recommend WowThemes to anyone in need of professional assistance and an easy to use to template."
Alex Caron
"WowThemes has been very helpful with all of my questions with making changes to the Calypso Theme. I have used other themes and the support provided has been incredible comparatively. I would recommend using a WowThemes WordPress theme and plan to use one again in the near future. Thanks!"
Jennifer Spaeth

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