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Hi! I am the author of all the free themes at WowThemes & BootstrapStarter and this is my personal donation page. If you like what I do or want to reward me for some reason, I'd love a cup of coffee from you! :) Thank you so much!

My Philosophy

I enjoy taking some time from my full time job as a web designer & developer and work for free on projects that I can share with you for your personal and commercial use. I believe in open source philosophy and I think this will be the great future. Why compete when we can cooperate and become better?

Over time I have published quite a good collection of free open source projects now used by thousands of people. And I couldn't be happier.

If for some reason you want to reward my work, I'd feel really appreciated. You would help me tremendously! In exchange, you can remove any credit links to me if that's what you want.

You can track my activity and download my free projects here:

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alexandre saiz from sent me 5
to remove the footer on:
Alasdair from sent me 1
Wow Gulp WP Starter: brilliant bit of kit. Thanks! [css/theme.min.css isn't available when first installed so you need to edit a file or run gulp dist to generate it.]
Charles from sent me 1
Great work on the Affiliates theme.
Mylo from sent me 5
Few of the ppl involved appreciate how your Jekyll themes work on github pages. I will be trying to use your mundana theme for a cc-by blog hosted on github.
David from sent me 1
Anynomus sent me 1
Anynomus sent me 2
Anynomus sent me 2
Thanks for such an amazing Job creating templates. I will be using one of them and wanted to contribute.

Sal @wowthemes

Web Designer & Developer

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Special thanks to my biggest supporter, alexandre saiz from, who sent me 5