“Affiliates” is a blogging Jekyll theme for affiliate marketers. It has a clean, minimal, beautiful and modern look! This post is about the Jekyll template version but there is also the HTML Version for anyone interested.

free jekyll theme affiliates

free jekyll theme affiliates

“Affiliates” Jekyll Template - Features

  • Built for Jekyll
  • Compatible with Github pages
  • Featured Posts
  • Index Pagination
  • Post Categories
  • Prev/Next Link
  • Category Archives (this is not yet compatible with github pages though)
  • Integrations:
    • Disqus Comments
    • Google Analaytics
    • Mailchimp Integration
    • Sharethis Integration
    • Formspree.io Contact
  • Design Features:
    • Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha.6
    • Font Awesome
    • Masonry
  • Layouts:
    • Default
    • Post left sidebar
    • Post right sidebar
    • Page
    • Archive

How to Use “Affiliates” Jekyll Template

If you aren’t familiar with Jekyll yet, you should know that it is a static site generator. It will transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. If you are a beginner we recommend you start with Jekyll’s Docs. Now if you know how to use Jekyll, let’s move on to using Affiliates template in Jekyll:

Download or Fork.

  • In your local project, open _config.yml. If your site is in root, for baseurl, make sure this is set to baseurl: /. Also, change your Google Analytics code, Disqus username, Authors, Mailchimp, ShareThis code (https://www.sharethis.com/) etc.
  • Affiliates requires 2 plugins:
    • $ gem install jekyll-paginate
    • $ gem install jekyll-archives.
  • Locate the files and customize:
    • header & footer in default.html.
    • homepage in index.html
    • contact form in contact.html (https://formspree.io/)
    • post sidebar in includes/sidebar.html
    • sign up form in includes/newsletter.html
  • Start blogging by adding your .md files in _posts. You will see in examples in the download.
  • YAML front matter
    • post featured - featured:true
    • post featured image - image: assets/images/mypic.jpg
    • page comments - comments:true
    • meta description (optional) - description: "this is my meta description"

YAML Post Example:

layout: post
title:  "We all wait for summer"
author: john
categories: [ Jekyll, tutorial ]
image: assets/images/5.jpg
featured: true

YAML Post Sidebar Right Example:

layout: post-sidebar-right
title:  "We all wait for summer"
author: john
categories: [ Jekyll, tutorial ]
image: assets/images/5.jpg
featured: true

YAML Page Example

layout: page
title: Affiliates Template for Jekyll
comments: true

License & Download

Affiliates Jekyll Theme is designed and developed by WowThemes.net and it is licensed under MIT.

Live Demo Free Download Github

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