Free Jekyll Theme - Affiliates

Free Jekyll Theme - Affiliates

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  ·   By Sal

“Affiliates” is a blogging Jekyll theme for affiliate marketers. It has a clean, minimal, beautiful and modern look! This post is about the Jekyll template version but there is also the HTML Version for anyone interested.

“Affiliates” Jekyll Template - Features

  • Built for Jekyll
  • Compatible with Github pages
  • Featured Posts
  • Index Pagination
  • Post Categories
  • Prev/Next Link
  • Category Archives (this is not yet compatible with github pages though)
  • Integrations:
    • Disqus Comments
    • Google Analytics
    • Mailchimp Integration
    • Sharethis Integration
    • Contact
  • Design Features:
    • Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha.6
    • Font Awesome
    • Masonry
  • Layouts:
    • Default
    • Post left sidebar
    • Post right sidebar
    • Page
    • Archive

free jekyll theme affiliates

free jekyll theme affiliates

How to Use “Affiliates” Jekyll Template

If you aren’t familiar with Jekyll yet, you should know that it is a static site generator. It will transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. If you are a beginner we recommend you start with Jekyll’s Docs. Now if you know how to use Jekyll, let’s move on to using Affiliates template in Jekyll:

Download or Fork.

  • In your local project, open _config.yml. If your site is in root, for baseurl, make sure this is set to baseurl: /. Also, change your Google Analytics code, Disqus username, Authors, Mailchimp, ShareThis code ( etc.
  • Affiliates requires 2 plugins:
    • $ gem install jekyll-paginate
    • $ gem install jekyll-archives.
  • Locate the files and customize:
    • header & footer in default.html.
    • homepage in index.html
    • contact form in contact.html (
    • post sidebar in includes/sidebar.html
    • sign up form in includes/newsletter.html
  • Start blogging by adding your .md files in _posts. You will see in examples in the download.
  • YAML front matter
    • post featured - featured:true
    • post featured image - image: assets/images/mypic.jpg
    • page comments - comments:true
    • meta description (optional) - description: “this is my meta description”

YAML Post Example:

layout: post
title:  "We all wait for summer"
author: john
categories: [ Jekyll, tutorial ]
image: assets/images/5.jpg
featured: true

YAML Post Sidebar Right Example:

layout: post-sidebar-right
title:  "We all wait for summer"
author: john
categories: [ Jekyll, tutorial ]
image: assets/images/5.jpg
featured: true

YAML Page Example

layout: page
title: Affiliates Template for Jekyll
comments: true

Demo Github

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