IE8 Becoming Extinct - How is YOUR WordPress Installation Going to Evolve?

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While many Windows® users ignored Vista and Windows 7 and cling feverishly to Window XP, new technology is pushing its way over the old and Microsoft will terminate all support and updates for Windows XP - including its most up-to-date browser … Internet Explorer 8 - in April 2014.

From lessons learned in biology, we all know that the organisms best suited for survival are ultimately the ones who survive, so it’s no real surprise that IE8 with all its flaws and bugs and nightmares for web designers and developers is going the way of the mastodon…and, really, it’s about time!

In spite of corporate giant Microsoft’s violent attempt to bend all web developers to their will and force compliance with their “standards” as set forth in IE8, the fact of the matter is that it is simply an inferior browser that has never provided an optimal user experience, and it certainly wasn’t a picnic for developers. Just as a tip, newer versions of IE are little more than the evil step-siblings of bastard child IE8 and will most likely suffer the same fate.

So, it’s past time to stop shopping for themes that support or integrate with IE8. So many of us are concerned - too concerned - about cross-platform display, and that isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s time to realize that if IE8 has been forsaken even by its creator…it’s probably time for us to give up too. In our modern age of WordPress platforms and an abundance of themes out there that do a wonderful job of marrying beauty with functionality (I’m particularly smitten with Scorilo at the moment), why would you want to invest your efforts in developing such a site to be compatible with a browser that doesn’t (and can’t) support its functions unless you’re willing to implement archaic styles and lock responsive elements into a single resolution or do some JavaScript gymnastics or forget about SVGs and Flash…I’m exhausted just thinking about all the work it takes to make a modern site operate on an antique browser.

If you’re wondering why WowThemes does not support IE8 or create themes that support IE8, these are a few of the reasons. We want you to have the best available technology, and we simply can’t provide that if we ask our developers to wrestle with the downfalls of IE8.

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