Dear Kailo WP users, a new version, 1.1, has just been released.

What’s new ?

  • automatic theme updater included
  • new shorcodes UI added

How to?

Download the theme zip file from your account.

If you attempt to upload the new version theme that is already on your server through the theme section in the admin area, it will fail, and you will get a message that folder destionation “already exists”.

Solution: rename the newer version of the kailo.zip while it’s still on your computer (ex: kailo-new.zip), and then upload it via WordPress/Themes/Add New.

If you follow this method, you should now see two themes with the same name but with different version numbers ( Theme Details reveal versions). Activate the newer version, set your Theme Options and that’s it. You have just updated your Kailo theme.

Note: This method applies to Kailo 1.0 users. Kailo 1.1 is packed with an automatic updater; this means you will recieve an alert through WordPress dashboard each time a new theme update is available and a simple click will take care of the update process.

Important: Before any Theme Update it is recommended that you create a backup! Also, protect your theme customizations with a theme child. We have a tutorial about this here.

What is Kailo?

Suitable for selling any kind of digital items, such as e-books, tutorials, audio or video files, plugins, code snippets, themes, art, logos, this clean and modern theme will help you to increase sales and make more money with your own digital products.

Theme Demo   Get it Here

E-Commerce Themes Easy Digital Downloads

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