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Pintereso - Free HTML Bootstrap Template

By Sal

Are you a fan of Pinterest style?

Pintereso is a free Bootstrap HTML Template like Pinterest. We wanted to reproduce the look and feel of Pinterest website making use of Bootstrap 4 cards. The template has three layouts: a homepage similar to Pinterest, a post layout for articles Pinterest like and an author page, also, similar to Pinterest. Everything is built to replicate the minimalist, clean, modern look of Pinterest!

Pintereso - Free HTML Bootstrap Template

  • Bootstrap v4.x
  • Responsive
  • Font Awesome
  • Gallery/Photography
  • Pinterest Style
  • Layouts: Homepage, Author, Post

How to use the template

Download the theme, extract and copy “docs” folder, this is the only one you need. Get started by opening index.html in your browser to visit the homepage.

Developer? Click here for extended documentation.

Demo Github

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