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This year in 2017, on June 8, WordPress launched version 4.8 called “Evans”. But what’s new for end users?

  • Visual Editor Improvement - Editing inline hyperlinks is much easier now with link boundaries.
  • WordPress Events and News Widget - This widget is useful for bloggers who want to inform their visitors about events in a simple quick way. Just enter the country, city name and all nearby events will appear in a moment.

  • Image Widget - Until now, adding an image inside a widget (a task which should have been simple enough) used to be complicated enough for users without any coding skills. WordPress 4.8 solves this issue once and for all and this task is now achievable for any WordPress user no matter their knowledge. You can now simply upload your image through the widget settings and it appear automatically.
  • Video Widget - You can now add a video from the Media Library through a new Video widget. You can use this widget to showcase an introductory video presentation, portfolio or even to promote your new content.
  • Audio Widget - If you're a podcaster this is heaven on earth. You can now add an audio file with a widget with little to no effort. First you must upload your audio file via Media Library, then visit the widget settings, choose your audo file, and done! The audio is published for your listeners.
  • Rich Text Widget - This will make a lof of developers happy! So rich-text editing capabilities are now supported for text widgets. So what does this mean? You can actually do anything now via this widget: need to create lists? No problem! Add emphasis maybe? This can be done too. Quickly insert links? Too easy! So you can clearly now have fun with the new formatting powers.

Developers might be interested in these new features of WordPress 4.8; here’s just a quick summary:

  • More Accessible Admin Panel Headings
  • Removal of Core Support for WMV and WMA Files
  • Multisite Updates
  • Text-Editor JavaScript API
  • Media Widgets API
  • Customizer Width Variable

Enjoy WordPress 4.8 and our compatible themes!

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