“Tipton” is the name of the new version of WordPress - 4.9. WordPress 4.9 is already available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. There are some quite interesting new features in WordPress 4.9 that will improve your design workflow but we’ll let you know which one we’re most excited about.

What's new in WordPress v4.9?

  • Customization
    - Draft and schedule your customization
    - Preview links of current customizations that you can share with others before going live
    - Design lock feature
    - Check for unsaved changes
  • Coding
    - Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking
    - Sandbox for Safety
    - Warning on editing themes and plugins directly
  • Widgets
    - New Gallery Widget
    - Add Media button
  • Site Building
    - This is our favourite one: Widgets position is not lost anymore when switching themes!
    - From within the Customizer, you can preview themes
    - Easier menu creation

Developers might be interested in these new features of WordPress 4.9; here’s just a quick summary:

  • Numerous improvements to the Customizer JS API.
  • New new code editing library - CodeMirror.
  • Upgraded version of MediaElement.js, which removes dependencies on jQuery.
  • New capabilities have been introduced that allow granular management of plugins and translation files.

We’ve tested and improved our WordPress themes for 4.9 compatibility. Here is a full list, enjoy!

WordPress 4.9 Compatible Themes

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