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We’ve just released a new plugin, Wow Lazy Load, a plugin built for our needs first. Our homepage size used to be 3MB, we’ve managed to shrink it to 648KB. Did you test your website page size yet, what does it say?

Remember, a small page size does not only help your website speed but your bandwidth costs as well. So, by not optimizing your website, you are losing traffic, customers and spending more than you should on your resources.

How did we manage to shrink so much our page size? With the help of Wow Lazy Load, images outside of viewport are not loaded until user scrolls to them. Sure, there are several WordPress plugins of this kind, for free, as a matter of fact, we’ve forked some of them to build our own, so why should you choose Wow Lazy Load, a premium plugin?

One of the best features of Wow Lazy Load is the page builders compatibility. We are aware of the fact that many WordPress users are using page builders for a rapid page development, but, this is where lazy load fails. Page builders with front visual editors are confused by this lazy loading method. Our plugin simply has no effect while admin is logged in, so you can build your page without being affected by any of the lazy load function. After you log out of your admin dashboard, you can see the changes and test your website with a page speed tester such as Pingdom, you will notice your page size significantly decreased, thus low bandwidth costs and greater website speed.

We know you don’t need every image lazy loaded, which is why we’ve built an option that takes care or this. In fact, this is the only option of the plugin, the rest is automatically configured once Wow Lazy Load is installed and active. Interested enough? You can read more details and purchase the plugin here.

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