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Gumroad Theme Updater

WP theme authors selling with Gumroad , with this script you can set automatic theme updates to verified buyers only.

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Gumroad Theme Updater
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Who should use this script

Any WordPress theme author who sales their themes via ! If you are a theme author you certainly want to offer automatic theme updates to your users, but even more, you are probably looking for a solution to restrict the updates to REAL BUYERS only. It saves your resources and, more importantly, you separate your buyers from users in this GPL world, treating them accordingly.

How it works

As you probably know, Gumroad has a very easy way to implement license keys with each purchase (you simply check a box when you set your product). The generated license key gets is found in buyer’s receipt. The script first checks if the Gumroad license key entered by the customer is valid and, if it returns true, it calls the actual updater.

How to set up

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. You will notice 3 folders inside the package:
  • api

The file names are self-explanatory. Decide whether you want to offer updates via a plugin or to integrate the updater directly in your commercial theme. I personally recommend the second method. “API” folder will be described later.

I. Instructions if used as a plugin

If you decide to use this method, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Open USE-AS-PLUGIN/gumroad_wp_license/gumroad_wp_license.php file. Brand the plugin by modifying line 3 “Wow Gumroad Theme Updater” with your own brand name, example “Lala Theme Updater”. This is, of course, optional.
  2. Open USE-AS-PLUGIN/gumroad_wp_license/incl/updater.php file. Modify line 11 with the URL where you want to host your downloadable updated zip files: $api_url = ''; Make sure you leave the “api” path intact because “api” will be the folder we’ll upload later. So if your domain is “myawesomethemes” here’s how the modified code should look: $api_url = '';
  3. Prepare and upload “api” folder. See the instructions below, in section: API Folder. That’s it! You can now share the plugin with your theme buyers.

II. Instructions if used directly in theme

  1. Open USE-DIRECTLY-IN-THEME folder. Copy the folder gumroadwplicense and add it to your theme.
  2. Open gumroadwplicense/updater.php file from your theme and change line 7 with the URL where you want to host your updated downloadable zip files. $api_url = ''; Make sure you leave the “api” path intact because “api” will be the folder we’ll upload later. So if your domain is “myawesomethemes” here’s how the modified code should look: $api_url = '';
  3. In your theme’s functions.php add: require_once( get_template_directory() . '/gumroadwplicense/gumroadwplicense.php' );
  4. Prepare and upload api folder. See the instructions below, section: API Folder. That’s it! You now have a theme with an updater integrated.

API Folder

This is the folder that handles 2 important parts: version comparison & download serving. Whether you choose the script as a plugin or implement it in your theme, you must set your API. Here are the steps:

  1. Open api/update folder. You’ll add in this folder your next updated theme; the updated version of the theme(s) should be in a zip format. Example:
  1. Open api/packages.php and change theme’s info according to the example.
  2. Now you can upload the entire api folder to your domain (or anywhere you decided). Make sure the path corresponds (see I.2 & II.2 above).
  3. Each time you update a new theme, just upload your new version as explained in step 1 and add edit the packages.php file as explained in step 2.

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Gumroad Theme Updater


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Gumroad Theme Updater

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