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Wow Lazy Load WP Plugin

Wow Lazy Load is a WordPress plugin for lazy loading images. This plugin will make your site load faster, it saves your bandwidth costs and it works with page builders.

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Wow Lazy Load WP Plugin
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Lazy loading makes your site load faster, saves bandwidth, saves costs. The process is simple, images outside of viewport are not loaded until user scrolls to them.

Why Choose Wow Lazy Load

There are several WordPress plugins of this kind, for free, so why should you choose Wow Lazy Load. One of its great features is the page builder plugins compatibility. We are aware of the fact that many WordPress users are using page builders for a rapid page development, but, this is where lazy load fails. If you’ve ever tried a front page editor such as Page Builder Sandwich, you’ve probably noticed your post image vanishing with other lazy load plugins installed. Sure, you can deactivate the plugin, build your page, then reactivate the plugin again. But this is not quite a long time solution. This is where Wow Lazy Load comes in handy. Wow Lazy Load will not affect any of your images while you are logged in as administrator.

Another common issue with lazy load plugins are popups or mega menu images. Wow Lazy Load is built with the purpose of fixing these problems. Adding a simple class in plugin’s option settings or, the other way around, adding a class to an image will prevent lazy loading for those specific images. You now have full control, while still enjoying the great benefits of the lazy load method.

Wow Lazy Load Documentation

The plugin is very user-friendly, you just install it and it works without configuration!

  1. Upload wow-lazy-load folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin via WP Dashboard/Plugins.
  3. Optional, navigate to WP Dashboard/Settings - Wow Lazy Load and add your image classes to be excluded from lazy loading. More instructions in the settings page. Short heads up - make sure you’re not logged in as admin when testing the lazy load effect. As explained, for page builder compatibility, the admin does not see the lazy loading effect until logged out. Also, if you are using a cache plugin, purging the cache may be needed.

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Wow Lazy Load WP Plugin


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Wow Lazy Load WP Plugin


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Wow Lazy Load WP Plugin


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Wow Lazy Load WP Plugin

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Wow Lazy Load WP Plugin

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