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This is the documentation for WowPopup plugin by As you already know WowPopup plugin is a popup plugin helping you to turn visitors into customers, subscribers, viewers, followers, buyers…you name it! It can be used as a popup, flyIn, notice bar, ad, video and pretty much anything you can think of to display your special announcements to users in a modern, professional, fun and beautiful way.


WowPopup Installation

Navigate to “Plugins” -> “Add New”
Upload WowPopup zipped file and click “Install Now”.
Activate the plugin from the “Plugins” menu in WordPress, or from the plugin installation screen.

WowPopup Use

Navigate to Dashboard -> WowPopup
Create New Popup
Customize your popup, then publish. Go to your website and see it in action!

Disable popup from appearing live

You do not have to delete your popup if you don’t want it to appear on your website anymore. Simply set it as a draft so you can come back to it later in case you might need it in future.

Important Notes

When setting your popup, it is recommended to work with “show all the time” option enabled, otherwise you may not be able to preview it several times. Also, don’t forget to NOT select “when user is logged in” hide option because you will most likely be logged in and, again, you will not be able to test your popup. Once you’re done and the settings are final you can then check these options if needed.


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