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How to fix Liquid Exception: Failed to get header error on jekyll serve

By Sal

The issue: Liquid Exception: Failed to get header

If you are here, you are probably getting the following error running “jekyll serve”: Liquid Exception: Failed to get header. jekyll 2.4.0 | Error: Failed to get header

Why this error

Python is used by a component of Jekyll (instead of Ruby). This only works with Python 2.7 and your version installed version is probably 3+. So the obvious solution would be to downgrade your Python to 2.7 version (not so elegant, you probably do not want to) or to follow the recommended & verified solution below:

Solution (fix) for error: Liquid Exception: Failed to get header

STEP 1 - In your terminal: gem install rouge

STEP 2 - In your _config.yml file, right under “Build settings”, add: highlighter: rogue

STEP 3- jekyll serve again, this time it will work:

That's it! We hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please, let others know in comments if it worked for you and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!