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ZuChristmas - Free Christmas WordPress Landing Page (works with your theme)

By Sal

Introducing ZuChristmas, a Free Christmas landing page for WordPress that works with your theme. Spice up your website around Holidays!

This Christmas landing page is an opportunity for me to talk about the project behind it. Not so long ago I’ve decided to create a plugin that contained a free set of WordPress landing page templates to help you extend your online presentation. So I started with the one that I am introducing on this page ZuChristmas - Christmas Landing Page for WordPress.

Live Demo

Why a plugin? Why not a theme? When using landing pages, we usually want to stick to our existing WordPress theme. The Christmas event is a good example. You wouldn’t want to buy a separate Christmas theme, change your entire content around it, just for the Winter Holidays, only to switch back to your older theme a few days later. You might not even want to give your entire website a Christmas look but a separate landing page where your could promote your Christmas sale, discounts etc. Same for the Black Friday event. A special page where you’d want to promote your upcoming sales or collect subscribers without having to change your website’s WordPress theme just for that.

So that’s how this plugin was born. It is called Wow Landing Pack and it currently includes a Christmas landing page template only. This is how the plugin looks for its initial release:

wow landing pack wordpress plugin release

I am planning to work on it often and regularly bring you new landing page templates. I could have waited a bit longer, to build some more templates in the library before the release, but ZuChristmas, the HTML version is very well received, gets many downloads and I thought it would be good news for WordPress users. As I said, it’s a growing library of templates. You will receive automatic plugin updates with new landing page templates soon ( in order to get automatic updates, the plugin must be active, not just installed).

Wow Landing Pack is very lightweight, it doesn’t load unnecessary files. It is built upon Elementor, this means you can use Elementor’s powerful functionality and customize each landing page with the powerful front end drag and drop page builder.

How to install & use ZuChristmas - free WordPress landing page for Christmas

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Upload the plugin, activate it and navigate to Plugins - Wow Landing Pack.
  3. Select the template you want to use (currently ZuChristmas) and import it to Elementor.
  4. Create a new page and insert the template.

That’s it! Here’s a short video guide:

Live Demo & Download

Click here to see ZuChristmas Landing page in action!

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