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20+ Jekyll Themes and Templates

  ·   By Sal

Jekyll Themes & Templates - only the best looking ones!

Jekyll is a static website generator without a database; it turns your simple text into static websites (blogs included). Jekyll’s renderer is Liquid, a language created by Shopify, written in Ruby. If you’re curious enough, here’s a list of websites powered by Jekyll. You can learn everything about Jekyll here.

In this article we will focus on the best Jekyll Themes and Templates that you can choose from. So if you are looking for a good looking, responsive Jekyll theme for your next project, these are our recommandations:

1 Pintereso - Jekyll Theme for Blogging, Resources Curation, Portfolios and more

jekyll themepintereso

Pintereso - Jekyll Theme is a blogging theme Pinterest like, built with Bootstrap v4.x. 100% compatibile with Github pages free hosting, Pintereso can be used in various websites - content curation, blogging, portfolio, photography, showcase inspiration etc. Features such as SEO integration, feed, sitemap, comments, categories, search results and many more, make Pintereso, besides one of the most beutiful Jekyll themes, one of the most feature-rich Jekyll theme as well. And it is free!

Demo Download Github

2 Mediumish - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme mediumish

Mediumish - Jekyll Theme is a blogging theme Medium styled, built with Bootstrap 4. It is clean, modern, great for blogs/magazines, multi-author ready and our first recommendation, because it is developed by us - WowThemes.net. Features such as Google Analytics, Disqus Comments, Pagination, Category Archives make a complete Jekyll solution for blogging. It is also compatible with Github pages, meaning you can host it with Github for free!

Demo Download Github

3 Affiliates - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme affiliates

Affiliates - Jekyll Theme is a blogging theme for affiliate marketers, built with Bootstrap 4, also designed & developed by us, WowThemes.net. Suitable for blogs/magazines, multi-author ready with a 2 column layout, Affiliates’ best features are Github pages compatibility, Google Analytics, Disqus Comments, Share, Formspree.io, Pagination, Category Archives. This is a full Jekyll solution for blogging.

Demo Download Github

4 Massively - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme massively

Massively is a Jekyll theme designed by @ajlkn for HTML5 UP and Jekyll integrated by Somiibo. With a clean typography, subtle animation, nicely organized layout, Massively can be used in any kind of project. One of its best features is the integration with Formspring.io - out of the box!

Demo Download Github

5 Helium - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme helium

Helium is a great looking Bootstrap 4 Jekyll theme suitable for any project. It has integration with Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Disqus and it is compatible with Github Pages.

Demo Download Github

6 Jasper - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme jasper

Jasper is a Jekyll theme similar to Ghost publishing platform default template. From the moment I saw this template at Ghost, I fell in love with it and I am happy to see it now as a Jekyll theme. Jasper supports multiple authors with author profiles, tags with personalized description and covers, related posts, pagination: infinite scrolling/standard pagination, subscribe button, Google Analytics, Disqus comments.

Demo Download Github

7 Adam Blog - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme adam blog

Adam Blog is a simple minimalist blog theme for Jekyll. Its main features are Google Fonts, Font Awesome Icons, Disqus Comments, MailChimp and Analytics integration.

Demo Download Github

8 Phantom - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme phantom

How could anyone not like Phantom’s minimalist, clean style? Phantom is a beautiful Jekyll theme, best for blogging purposes, designed by HTML5 UP.

Demo Download Github

9 Lens - Jekyll Theme for Photographers

jekyll theme lens

Are you a photographer? Lense seems the best Jekyll theme for you! Developed by Andrew Banchich and designed by the great team at HTML5 UP, this is the perfect Jekyll theme to showcase your photos.

Demo Download Github

10 Highlights - Jekyll Theme for Resume

jekyll theme highlights

Highlights is a personal Jekyll theme suitable for resume & presentation websites. As any HTML5 UP design it is beautiful, modern, organized, clean. Developed by Andrew Banchich, Highlights comes with Formspree.io contact form integration ready.

Demo Download Github

11 Forty - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme forty

Another theme designed by HTML5 UP and Jekyll integrated by developer Andrew Banchich, Forty has great looks, vivid colours and beautiful typography, being suitable mostly for blogging. Forty comes with Formspree.io contact form integration ready.

Demo Download Github

12 Tale - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme tale

I see Tale Jeyll Theme used by writers who mainly focus on their content without too many distractions such as pictures, thumbnails, colours, layouts, cards etc. This does not mean Tale is boring or uninteresting, quite the contrary, it has a very modern, professional look in its minimalist style. I really like it and I can see myself using it in a project where content is my only focus (such as documentation files), but not only. Tale is developed by Chesterhow.

Demo Download Github

13 Future Imperfect - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme future imperfect

It seems like it’s impossible to skip any HTML5 UP theme integrated with Jekyll, simply because they’re so good looking! Future Imperfect is another Jekyll theme developed by Andrew Banchich, which comes with Formspree.io contact form integration ready.

Demo Download Github

14 Bef - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme bef

Designed and developed by Artem Sheludko, Bef is a spectacular Jekyll theme for bloggers. Its main features are Google Fonts, Font Awesome, Disqus, MailChimp, Formspree and Google Analytics.

Demo Download Github

15 Base - Jekyll Theme for Documentation Sites

jekyll theme future base

What a fantastic resource for publishing your tutorials, docs, video or text. Made by CloudCannon, Base Jekyll theme is perfect for this kind of project. Tutorials are organised by category, you can have a “tutorial series”, FAQ area, Sticky sidebar for main sections in tutorials and many more!

Demo Download Github

16 New Age - Jekyll Theme for Apps & Blogging

jekyll theme future new age

Showcase your new mobile app or anything related with New Age, a Jekyll theme built for this kind of purpose. It can be used as a landing page but as a blog also (or both). Designed by StartBootstrap and developed by Antonio Trento.

Demo Download Github

17 Levytsroman - Jekyll Theme for Presentation

jekyll theme future Levytsroman

Levytsroman Jekyll theme is developed by Roman Levytskyy and it is great for presentation websites, personal portfolios. If you are a developer, this may be great for you!

Demo Download Github

18 Long Haul - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme future Levytsroman

Long Haul Jekyll theme is clean, modern and best for blogging purposes! Developed by Brian Maier Jr.

Demo Download Github

19 Mickey - Jekyll Theme for Blogging

jekyll theme future mickey

Mickey Jekyll theme is practically perfect in every way :) ! Developed by Vincent Chan, Mickey is a minimal, wonderful looking theme inspired by Medium, Hyde and Squarespace.

Demo Download Github

20 Hydra - Jekyll Theme for Marketing

jekyll theme future hydra

Hydra is a product marketing Jekyll theme developed by CloudCannon. By the way, CloudCannon is a cloud CMS for Jekyll. Meaning it helps you build, host and update Jekyll websites.

Demo Download Github