Free Jekyll Theme - Pintereso

Proud to introduce another Jekyll theme released by us!

“Pintereso” is a free Jekyll theme Pinterest like.

(If you are looking for the WordPress version you can find it here.)

There are various ways you can use Pintereso with your Jekyll website. Here are some of them:

  • blogging
  • curated resources
  • affiliate marketing
  • resume
  • portfolio
  • photography

“Pintereso” Jekyll Theme Features

  • 100% Github Pages Compatibility
  • Bootstrap 4.x
  • SEO Ready
  • Search
  • Categories
  • Prev/Next Post
  • Pagination
  • Disqus Comments
  • Auto Sitemap
  • Feed
  • Formspree Contact Form
  • Pinterest, AddThis, Google Analytics
  • Font Awesome 5+
  • Cookie Consent & Privacy Policy

How to Use “Pintereso” Jekyll Theme

If you aren’t familiar with Jekyll yet, you should really give it a try! Jekyll is a static site generator which transforms your plain text into static websites and blogs. We recommend beginners to start with Jekyll’s Docs.

Short steps:

  • download Pintereso
  • install Jekyll
  • cd to Pintereso project
  • run bundle install
  • run jekyll serve --watch
  • visit the server address

Open _config.yml to customize your project:

name: 'Pintereso'
description: 'Jekyll Template for Bloggers & Photographers'
logo: 'assets/images/logo.png'
favicon: 'assets/images/logo.png'
baseurl: '/template-pintereso-bootstrap-jekyll'
avatar: 'assets/images/sal.jpg'
disqus: 'demowebsite'
email: ''

Navigate to includes folder. From there you can edit/add:

  • footer copyright - footer-copyright.html
  • footer social menu - footer-social.html
  • menu header - menu-header.html
  • google analytics script - tracking-header.html
  • addthis script - tracking-footer.html

That’s it! Start writing! Include your articles in _posts folder & pages in _pages folder..

YAML Post Example:

title:  "Affiliates Jekyll Theme"
metadate: "hide"
categories: [ Free, Jekyll, Themes ]
image: "assets/images/affiliates.jpg"
visit: ""

YAML Page Example:

title: "About"
permalink: "/about.html"
image: "/assets/images/screenshot.jpg"

Pintereso is also available as WordPress. You can view the WordPress version here.

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